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Latest Neocron News and Information

  • New test server patch #95 has been released to Vedeena

Version 2.5.3 and 2.5.4 - 17th September 2017

- More code updates for 2.6 release.

Version 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 - 11th September 2017

- Fixed Blue pages options page Users can now list their pages again on the Blue pages.

- Due to a tagging error 2.5.1 was never released..

Version 2.5.0 - 10th September 2017

- A lot of code refactoring and tidying up for future releases.
- A lot of code updated to remove lots of errors and warnings
- PHP 7.1 code copatibility updates.
- No new functionality was added for this release.

Version 2.1.1 - 23rd July 2013

- Updates.
- THN's Global messsages added.
- PHP 5.4 code updates
- Very early prep work for Rares DB 3.0.

Version 2.1.0 - 22nd June 2013

- Updated code to use new THN forums Authentication.
- All PM and Profile links to the THN forums updated.
- Compare function works again.
- XFire support is dropped.
- A lot of old unused code removed.
- Rare stats recording is now handled by the stats DB.
- Terra data has been hidden since early 2013.

Version 2.0.11 - 22nd July 2012

- Code update for server upgrade.
- Fixed some broken classes.
- Fixed loads of PHP Notice: Undefined index: messages.
- Fixed a few PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant messages.
- Changed name of Import/Export to just Export. (Since there are no import options at this time).
- Fixed live saving.
- Merge in stats DB link.

Version 2.0.8 - 2.0.10 - 22nd July 2012

- Change of Login code for future THN upgrades.
- Login no longer logs into the forums. To send a PM to a trader you have to login again.
- All past remember me logins are all expired - You will need to re-login again.
- All Remember logins expire after 90 days after the first login

Version 2.0.7 - 18th July 2012

- Some GIT fixes and cleanups for planned site upgrades
- All Neptune data has been hidden until the server is restored. (If that ever happens)
- Order of servers changed to Terra, Mars and Mercury to better reflect active servers.

Version 2.0.6 - 20th November 2010

- Fixed blue pages to work with new version of MySQL 5 on new server
- Blue pages no longer lists inactive traders or traders who have not used the Rares DB for more than 90 days.

Version 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 - 12th November 2010

- Migration to GIT and new server

Version 2.0.3 - 12th July 2010

- Updates for site cleanup

Version 2.0.2 - 23rd Feb 2008

- Updated Google Anayltics code

Version 2.0.1 - 9th Feb 2008

- Added Wiki links and moved dev sites config
- Fixed Xfire username field to accept 26 chars (Hotfixed in 2.0.0 - Thanks to Reaction for reporting the bug)

Version 2.00 - September 2007

== Editor updates ==
- The editor has undergone a considerable re-write
- More fixes to editing to prevent invalid values.
- Added list locking to prevent multiple users/browser editing the same list at the same time.
- Fixed potenial bug where data could be saved to a different server
- AJAX features added to edit form. If you have a compatible browser, each edit you make is sent to the DB and saved.
- Fix for Firefox when key entry did not highlight the box yellow
- Added ability to increase/decrease all parts for an item
- Updated group filtering to Javascript code
- Added new filters to allow filtering by weapon type, part type

== New stuff ==
- Added the ability to compare rares list with other users
- Added Xfire support to Blue Pages
- Added links into the THN Items XML data feed for Rare items
- Added stats recording (Has been ctive on live since March 2007 - the ability to view history data will come in a later release)
- Added part searching

== Other changes ==
- CSS styles re-worked
- Moved admin functions to a seperate page.
- Item parts listing page improved.
- Supergroups added for Heavy, Rifle, etc.., L,T and E part items.
- Data and code added to allow part identification (L,T or E parts) based on item TL.
- Item names updated and corrected.

== Code changes ==
- Merged releases 1.34 to 1.37 together into release 2.0.0
- Merged releases 1.38 (Joomla updates) into release 2.0.0
- Made some more UTF-8 changes
- Added JSON suppprt.
- Added AJAX support.
- Update a lot of code for PHP5 compatibility

Version 1.37 - 16th September 2006

- This release is for the changes for the forum URL and updated template. No new features have been added.

Version 1.36 - Not released.

- This release is not included here. The new features will be released as 2.0.0.

Version 1.35 - 19th June 2006

- Fixes for UTF-8 and MySQL 4.1 character set issues.

Version 1.34 - 18th June 2006

- All features and bug fixes are in Release 2.00.

Version 1.33 - 15th June 2006

- Fixes for login code for recent Joomla changes.

Version 1.32 - 8th May 2006

- Changes for dev and live sites.
- Cookie-Buster code added.

Version 1.31 - 14th April 2006

- Fix for rss_rand error phpBB2.0.20 updates

Version 1.30 - 21st February 2006

- Changes to the phpBB and Joomla intergration for working on dev and live sites.
- Fixed bug with Read Access not recording the users prefered server and Private Message preferences when first setting the read access up. Please see the Rares DB for more information.
- Code in a few places has been cleaned up.

Version 1.29 - 4th February 2006

- Import and Export options are now accesable from the Options menu.
- You can now quickly filter complete items by server and by item in the filters.
- Read access list now has a title option so you can now add a title to your rares lists.
- Blue pages added - lists all active traders using the rares DB.
- Fixed various CSS issue's with Firefox on the rares editing screen.
- Internals: New functions/classes/ui for version control (Admin only).

Version 1.28 - 16th January 2006

- Filtering added to edit and read only displays.
- Options to edit the filters can be found under the Options menu.
- Quick filter options added to edit page.
- All Display Output classes (Anything that shows parts) have been recoded to use a buffer and to support filtering.
- Fixed bug with password protected rares list where pressing enter on the password screen would not check the password.

Version 1.27 - 2nd January 2006

- Updates to login code to match the new security of the THN.
- Webring details updated.

Version 1.26 - 23rd November 2005

- Fixed bug with last updated date not appearing on read only lists.
- Updated favicon.ico file - (Thanks to Dr J Zoidberg for the graphics)

Version 1.25 - 13th November 2005

- Last updated data added, so you can see when a rares list was last updated.
- Read only rares list now has an area for contact information.
- Added option to allow viewer to send a PM to the list owner.
- Fixed some Firefox table rendering issues.

Version 1.24 - 6th November 2005

- Update of files to complete THN Single Sign-in

Version 1.23 - 16th October 2005

- Completion of THN single-point login. Rares DB now logs into the THN forums.
- Updated link to gallery

Version 1.22 - 15th October 2005

- More code added for THN single-point login.
- Compatibility fixes for cookies for Joomla.

Version 1.21 - 2nd October 2005

- More code added for THN single-point login.

Version 1.20 - 22nd September 2005

- Link to Rares DB news page added.
- New colour code scheme (Suggested by FarSight).
- Added "Remember me" option, and added code to beat IE6 with a baseball bat.

Version 1.13 - 21st September 2005

- More code added for THN single-point login. (Remember me now works)

Version 1.12 - 21st September 2005

- Code added for single-point login.

Version 1.11 - 23rd June 2005

- Removed test error messages from read access viewer.
- Fixed trailing / issue with listing URL's
- Updated 404 Error message

Version 1.1 - 23rd June 2005

- Added last logged in functions.
- Added tables to support read only access.
- Added functionality to support the read only access.
- Added read access form.
- Moved tricin export to new import/export mechanism.
- Added export CSV form and enabled Export CSV feature (From 0.7).

Version 1.0 - 5th June 2005

- Added part counts. (Requested by Clan Blood)
- Updated site skin to match the THN V2.1 style and updated some links
- Change log is accessable from a link at the bottom of the page
- Added save data icon to each group of rares data
- Changed editing of rares table to highlite which entries the user has changed
- Change style of the buttons to be THN blue.
- Tweaked style sheet again.
- Added I forgot my password link.
- Added code to support private user lists. (User interface not yet written to use this feature)

Version 0.92 - 27th May 2005

- Updated rares with new DB info for server move.

Version 0.91 - 14th May 2005

- Fixed save bug on edit page.

Version 0.9 - 12th May 2005

- Wrote Tricin Import class and added more data to allow the import to work.
- Added import pages for importing Tricin Data.
- Added "To build" column in the My Rares page.

Version 0.8 - 10th May 2005

- Changed tables to innodb and updated database driver.
- Started adding support for multi-user access.
- Imported Tricin Rare database data and added reference data.
- Added Devourer to database.

Version 0.7 - 9th May 2005

- Added links to THN forums.
- Fixed a couple of HTML issues.
- Optimised and reduced the space requirement for data.
- Changed the output rendering engine a little.
- Added template and files to export CSV files.

Version 0.6 - 8th May 2005

- Added change log
- Added multiple server support
- Changed edit page to save the data if the user click on the links at the top of the page.
- Improved javascript validation on entry screen to restrict numbers to between 0 and 999 and also to numeric input only.
- Made some CSS tweaks.
- Removed home page link for the moment. (It will be back soon!)
- Live server now uses stable tagged releases.

Version 0.1 to 0.5 - 6th-7th May 2005

Started the Rares DB project. There early versions was to get the project up and running, so there is no change log.

THN Rares DB Version 2.5.4-Stable Change log